Essays and Thoughts on Religion, Science and the Edgar Cayce Readings

  by Jeffrey Imes

-- Cayce on Religions --

Did Cayce Promote any Particular Religion
A question was posted on the Edgar Cayce Group Facebook page asking if Edgar Cayce practiced any particular religion in his later years and if he identified any religion or religious practices that are not good. One of the comments said that Cayce said that Catholicism was the best, which is not correct. This essay presents some readings that address that comment.

-- Creeds and Contemplations --

Creeds and Doctrines
Why can't a creed or doctrine be dynamic and personal instead of static and institutional. Why can't it stretch and grow with the spiritual growth of the individual?

A Personal Creed on the Divinity of Jesus
This essay contains a personal creed on the on the relationship between Jesus and God and how the divinity and humanity of Jesus blend into one entity and Oneness with God. It uses information from scriptures and the Edgar Cayce readings. Share it freely if you feel the urge. Feel free to use it as a starting point for your own creed if appropriate or create your personal creed from another source or from scratch. Also, your creed doesn't have to be limited to this subject or have this structure.

A Simple Action Creed
The dictionary definition of creed contains both the idea of a formal statement of Christian beliefs and the idea of a set of beliefs or aims which guide a a person's actions. So why not write an action creed instead of a belief creed. Of course, the words of an action creed are hollow words if they are not applied by the individual who professes to believe in them.

Who Am I
Did you ever wonder who you are and why you are here, where you have been and where you are going. I don't mean your human you activated by the physical consciousness masked by the persona you desire to project. I mean your soul you with its subconscious mind and its individuality exposed for all to see? This essay was in my mind when I woke up one morning and begged to be written before the day washed it away.

-- The Dark Side of Religion --

The Spiritual Legacy of Slavery - Atlantis to America
Attitudes of racism and white supremacy are alive and well in some American religious denominations.

Spiritual Hope out of Monumental Religious Failures
A study of the origins and history of some major religious organizations gives little hope for the future of mankind and the spiritual evolution of the soul. But God has promised that he will deliver the soul of man out of the self-inflicted spiritual and material chaos if the soul is willing to turn to God by uniting its will with God in purpose and desire.

A Warning to America
The Edgar Cayce readings contain a warning to Americans about the spiritual danger of clinging to attitudes that divide Americans along racial lines, that deny the brotherhood of man and that fail to follow the directive from God that man shall love his neighbor. Unless Americans embrace these spiritual principles, enshrine them in the laws of the nation and act in ways that fully implement them in society, the great democratic experiment that is America will decay and its status as a nation favored and protected by God will end.

Russia - Current Events and the World Affairs Readings
A series of readings taken in the years leading up to and during WWII, called the World Affairs Readings (3976 series), were given to address concerns about the rise of nationalism, militarism, Communism, fascism and other trends in international politics. Several of the readings concerned Russia and its future. Today, the increasingly authoritarian government of Russia aligns itself with the Archbishop of the Russian Orthodox Church to revive the glory of the Soviet Union. In light of the recent invasion of Ukraine by Russia and the increasing willingness of Russia to use force as a political tool, it might be worthwhile to revisit the comments made in those readings.

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