The Interface Between the Spiritual and Physical Realms


The Soul and Physical Body in Relation to Spiritual and Physical Realms

God created souls as an act of love and desire for companionship. The soul, not the human body, was created in the image of God. It resides in the spiritual realm and has the same innate desire to create as its Creator. Each soul is endowed with a mind. The mind is the active force within God that allows him to direct and shape spirit, to create in the spiritual realm, to create the physical universe, and to create life within the physical world. There is only one mind associated with a soul and that forms the individuality of the soul, but it is convenient to imagine the mind of the disincarnate soul as having two components: the subconscious mind that serves as the primary seat of awareness of the soul and the super-conscious mind that serves as the interface between the soul and God.

When a soul incarnates into a human body, the mind forms a third aspect, the physical consciousness that acts as the interface between the soul and the brain and sensory system of the body. The soul does not infuse the body, but interacts with the body through these mind-brain connections. The awareness of human beings is primarily at the physical consciousness level, the subconscious mind of the soul being suppressed and relegated to making its presence known only through the control of certain autonomic functions of the body and in the dream state during diurnal periods of sleep. When the soul is not incarnated in a physical body, the physical consciousness of the mind is not present, and what we humans call the subconscious mind becomes the center of conscious awareness of the soul.

Human death can be fearsome to contemplate when an individual is so deeply immersed in the world of sensual experience that it has lost all awareness of its true identity as a soul. Lacking any awareness of its spiritual origins, the conscious mind may decide that death is the end of existence, the cessation of identity, and that the words and deeds of the human body have no bearing on the ultimate destiny of the individual. But death is simply the loss of sensual consciousness as the awareness of the soul recedes from the physical world and reawakes to its true home in the spiritual realm, and the activity of the soul while incarnated directly impact its destiny and relationship with God.