List of Chapters

The Spiritual Purpose of the Physical Universe

The Teachings of Selected World Religions
Religious Attitudes Toward Science
The Challenge of Religions
The Philosophy of the Edgar Cayce Readings
Are Religion and Science Compatible?
What or Who is God
    God is One
    God is Spirit
    God is Love
    God is Law
    God is Life
    God is Truth
Souls - Portions of God
    In His Image
    The Maturing Soul
    Religion and the Soul
    Twin Souls and Soul Mates
    The Death of the Soul
The Purpose of the Universe
God Moved - The Creation of the Universe
    Energy and Particles
    Expansion and Division of Forces
    And There Was Mass
    Building Blocks of the Universe
    Stars and Galaxies
    Dark Matter and Dark Energy
    The Solar System
    The Earth and Life
    The Death of the Universe
    Mathematical Descriptions of the Universe
Creation or Evolution
Soul Incarnation and the Rise of Man
Physical Consciousness and Causality
    Timeless Eternity
    Time and No Time, Space and No Space
Christ Consciousness in Action
The Opportunity of a Lifetime
Scientific Notation
Edgar Cayce and the A.R.E.